Song Report : Name of Song

Contrast : Opposition or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in a work of art to intensify each element’s properties and produce a more dynamic expressiveness.

We can definitely talk about contrast when hearing name of song. The alternation between agressive and relaxing parts, the use of natural and synthetics sounds, it’s all part of the “contrast making” process.

So what’s the use of putting contrast?

To enhance the impact of one effect.

It’s a common beginner mistake to think that if you want to add punchiness to your song, you should pile up loud and agressive parts. But if everything is loud, how are you gonna feel the punch? Your ear is gonna get used to this loudness and perceive everything as the normal intensity. Most people will just turn down the volume. Contrast should be used to achieve the effect. In name of song, the powerful intro makes the first verse even more relaxing, and vice-versa.

Contrast is not a magical solution though. The risk is to combine sounds that don’t compliment each other, like drinking a nice red wine after brushing your teeth with your super mint toothpaste. There would be a high contrast between the two, but the result is desastrous, believe me…

Experiment is the key, listen to what you’ve found, does it correspond to your intent? Is name of song a punchy or a relaxing tune?

Audi Talents Awards 2012 – Music Category

Check out my entry for the Audi Talents Awards 2012 – Music Category

The brief was to make music that suits some Audi commercials, in this case the 2011 Audi A1 commercial.

Much emphasis was put into synchronizing the music with the image. The tough part was that I couldn’t use a fixed BPM. Either the beginning or the end would be strange. To deal with that, I took advantage of the transition when the chair falls to change the tempo. This way I could achieve an elaborate sound design in the first black & white scenes, while still having a perfect synchro on the ending scene (car shots & Audi Logo).

I didn’t win but you can always tell me what you think 😉